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terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2014

Debriefing seminars May 2014 delivered by Tuhon Jared Wihongi, assisted by Agalon Mickael Dolou.

Gents –

It was once again a real pleasure to host Tuhon Jared Wihongi under the umbrella of the PTK-SAM/PTTA Brazil and to be able to conduct seminars and private trainings in Rio de Janeiro and Praia Grande.

The two full days seminar in Rio de Janeiro allow our participants to receive teachings in a wide array of PTK materials, within our TRI-V methodology and our proprietary tactical concepts.

As undoubtedly there is nothing more important that one ability to handle the distance and hence create striking opportunities, we started by reviewing and further detailing our footwork strategy aiming at quartering the opponent and developing the proper positioning for striking.

This part is obviously of primary importance and constitutes the basis of our operational methodology in any situations. From that basis, we moved on to enhance striking abilities using the solo baston (representing a long blade/sword) and emphasing the necessity of developing proper body mechanics to optimize the delivery of the blows in any instances. As it could be noticed, strikes in PTK are to be powerfully delivered through adequate body mechanics. We further used another teaching platform to develop timing and coordination. It was the occasion while using a platform of two angles to develop counters against the basic thrusts motions. These Tri-V drills indeed allow quite quickly our participants to apply dynamically what they worked out before in term of footwork and striking mechanics, and while developing new counters to different attacks.

During the afternoon session, we had a focus over what we call knife tapping i.e. empty hands v.s knife. This was taught under the very stamped approach of PTTA, putting forward the A of the A C T approach. To prepare the learning of knife tapping we used the circular motion, one of the key parameters of our Tri-V approach, using doble baston to first enhance the motion with the body mechanic and then moving on progressively to double knife and empty hands. We then went through the technicality of the concept to counter the basic thrusts and progressing with primary and secondary tapping, working the drill in a sensitive manner and developing the necessary attribute of the A of the ACT motion (that we would further develop the next day).

On day 2 we initiated the day by building up upon the solo baston content of the first day. We then ramped up to take down, control and termination techniques considering our baston as an impact weapon and using the platform of the “break-in” to enter. To complete this third quarter of our seminar we transitioned to drills using double baston with an emphasis on the gunting and scissors motions.

The last part of the seminar was dedicated to develop full and realistic responses to knife attacks, using pieces of our knife tapping and moving on to controlling, preferably into zero pressure situation, transitioning eventually from the inside to the outside, and terminating.
Tuhon Jared finally demonstrated some of our PTK principles in situations involving rifles.

During the following week Tuhon Jared conducted more lessons in the Praia Grande area. The group, led by our Group leader Waldevir Junior, had the opportunity to receive during another seminar the direct teachings from Tuhon Jared. During this seminar Tuhon Jared taught topics around knife encounters and empty hands solutions, always implementing our Tri-V methodologies and our associated operational solutions, to a very enthusiastic group of people.

As I wrote earlier, Tuhon Jared has once more undoubtedly demonstrated the very high level of his efficiency, the greatness of Pekiti Tirsia for realistic combative applications and the extent of his generosity throughout the trainings.

PTTA Brasil/PTK-SAM is once more very grateful, not only for the teachings, but also for the continuous strong support of Tuhon Jared. We are glad to follow the leadership of Tuhon Jared Wihongi, of Tuhon Mel Tortal, all under the impulse of GrandTuhon.

We do hope that the participants to the seminars really appreciated the exposure afforded and could feel the reality that stands behind our motto: We train Hard, We execute with Discipline, We deliver with Efficiency while thriving toward Excellence.

To conclude, we are glad to announce the following award of ranks granted by Tuhon Jared (in his capacity of head of the Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association and member of the PTK Grand Alliance Grandmagisterium ) and by Agalon Mickael Dolou (in his capacity of Director for PTTA Brasil and head of PTK South America):

  • Ben Genter was awarded the rank of Lakan Isa;
  • Marcilio Silva was awarded the rank of Lakan Isa;
  • Ricardo Medina was awarded the rank of Lakan Isa;
  • Waldevir Junior was awarded the rank of Lakan Isa.

These ranks were awarded in accordance with the curriculum of the Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association and correspond to the fourth of the six degrees leading to the rank of Lakan Guro.

These ranks lawfully allow their recipients to develop and lead groups under the banner of PTK-SAM and PTTA Brazil, as “Authorized Instructor”, and have been awarded as a result of demonstration of adequate proficiency per the rank, and dedication to the trainings and PTK system.

Also, we would like to inform the appointment of Waldevir Junior as “Military/Police Delegate”, being in charge of developing the relations with Military, Police and Private Security Units on account of our organization.
Congratulations to all of them for a rank well deserved, and to Junior for his appointment – keep the training STRONG and enhance your PTK leadership!
Agalon Mickaël Dolou

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